More New World Builds Updated

by | Oct 20, 2021 | New World, News

We've added several UPDATED New World Builds to the site this week for Solo, Groups, PVE and PVP!

At RPG DOJO we continually strive to upload the best written and video build guides possible. We include every detail we can think of, including Skills, Passives, Perks, Gear and much more. In the past week we’ve added three more builds to our New World Wiki!

  • Immortal Warrior: Heavy Armor Solo Survivalist – Hatchet / Life Staff
  • Duelist: Godly PVP and PVE Open World Build – Musket / Rapier
  • Brawler: PVE and PVP Melee Fighter – Sword and Shield / Great Axe

Make sure to check out all of the NEW content at the New World Wiki, or drop right in to the New World Builds section. Also, make sure to check out our YouTube channel, as many of these builds come out as full length video guides first!

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