Elden Ring Legacy Dungeons

Legacy Dungeons in Elden Ring are massive and sprawling dungeon encounters that will remind players greatly of the Dark Souls franchise. Each dungeon will include challenging packs of enemies and traps, mini-bosses and an epic final boss encounter against one of the game’s demigods.

by Hack The Minotaur
Updated Feb 18, 2022

How Many Legacy Dungeons Are In Elden Ring?

Each of Elden Ring’s six unique regions is said to contain one Legacy Dungeon which would mean at least six Legacy Dungeons will be in the game.

How To Enter Legacy Dungeons In Elden Ring

Most Legacy Dungeons in Elden Ring can be approached directly, though some may also include secret entrances or ways to approach with stealth to avoid enemies.

Legacy Dungeon Difficulty

Legacy Dungeons in Elden Ring are bound to be the most difficult content players will face in the entire game. These areas are massive and contain many large packs of enemies and dangerous traps and of course challenging mini-bosses. If you can survive all of those all you need to do is defeat one of the game’s six literal Demi-Gods who oversee each dungeon as its final boss!

Legacy Dungeon Rewards

Legacy Dungeons in Elden Ring will undoubtedly hold some of the best loot in the game including new Weapons and Armor, Spirit Summons and unique Ashes Of War.

Some Legacy Dungeons Are Optional

Elden Ring is a true Open World experience, and as such, not every region or Legacy Dungeon needs to be completed in order to progress the story or move forward into the next region. We already know that the game’s first Legacy Dungeon called Stormveil Castle and it’s final boss can be bypassed to continue on into the next region.

Legacy Dungeon List And Locations

There are a total of six Legacy Dungeons reported to exist in Elden Ring. Those that are known are listed below.

  1. Stormveil Castle – Limgrave
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. ?
  6. ?

Legacy Dungeon Bosses

1. Stormveil Castle

    • Lion Guardian – Mini-boss
    • Many Armed Key Master – Mini-boss
    • Margit The Fell Omen – Mini-boss
    • Godrick The Golden – Demi-god

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Elden Ring Legacy Dungeons

Legacy Dungeons in Elden Ring are massive and sprawling dungeon encounters that will remind players greatly of the Dark Souls franchise.


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