Elden Ring Stake Of Marika Guide

In Elden Ring, players will certainly be dying – A LOT! This game is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. However, Stakes Of Marika are a new mechanic for this type of game that aim to lessen that pain of repeated death just a bit.

by Hack The Minotaur
Updated Feb 17, 2022

A Solution To Frustration

Most gamers understand how frustrating it can be to work hard progressing in a game only to die just before defeating a boss run and be sent back to some distant checkpoint. This frustration has certainly been present in many Souls-like games which often include difficult bosses that require many tries to defeat. Elden Ring is aiming to ease that frustration with the introduction of secondary checkpoints called Stakes Of Marika.

How Stakes Of Marika Work In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring a Stake Of Marika will often be placed near a difficult boss or location. This Stake will serve as a point of resurrection should the player die.

Players can also choose to revive at closest Site Of Lost Grace if they prefer. Sites Of Lost Grace will still be preferable in some cases as this is Elden Ring’s version of Bonfires that will allow players to regroup and re-evaluate things like memorized spells and Flask charges.

Unfortunately, Sites Of Lost Grace can often be located far away from an area’s main boss encounter, leading to a long run back to your main objective. This is where Stakes Of Marika will be a great option. A Stake Of Marika can often be found just before the Fog Wall leading to a boss encounter, allowing players quick access to the fight with less frustration and downtime.

Where To Find Stakes Of Marika In Elden Ring

Finding a Stake Of Marika in Elden Ring should be a pretty common occurance. Most often, this new revival option is found at the end of a dungeon before the final boss. In the open world areas of Elden Ring you can also find a Stake Of Marika frequently near large groups or camps of enemies or near a scary Field Boss type monster.

Fast Travel And Stakes Of Marika

If you were wondering if players can use a Stake Of Marika for fast travel the answer is No. Players cannot travel from one Stake to another or from a Stake to a Site Of Lost Grace. Presently, Stakes Of Marika only serve as a site for player resurrection.

What Advantages Are There To Using Stakes Of Marika In Elden Ring?

The main advantage to using a Stake Of Marika in Elden Ring is its location relevant to a difficult encounter or boss battle in the game. Most often, these stakes will be located very close to a boss allowing you to continually practice without wasting too much time running back after death.

Is There A Downside To Using A Stake Of Marika To Revive?

There are no penalties associated with reviving in Elden Ring using a Stake Of Marika. The only real “downside to using a Stake Of Marika is that it offers less options as compared to Sites Of Lost Grace including no option for memorizing spells, redistributing flasks, leveling up and so on. If you want to make use of these features you will need to use a Site Of Lost Grace instead.

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