Elden Ring World Map

The Elden Ring World Map features a hand-drawn map style that also includes a Compass and Time Of Day/Night indicator. Players can customize the map with several icons and even Beacons to help them find locations in the world easier.

by Hack The Minotaur
Updated Feb 22, 2022

Welcome To The Lands Between

The main overworld area of Elden Ring called “The Lands Between” has its own World Map with dozens of discoverable locations. There is also a massive underground area with its own map which will extend the main World Map once discovered.

The game world of Elden Ring is quite massive, the biggest of any Soulsborne title to date and includes 6 distinct regions or biomes including windswept fields, mountainous crags and poisonous swamps.

Each region is incredibly large and diverse, potentially being divided into sub-regions. For example the first region of Limgrave has it’s own further definitions which shape the landscape including the sweeping plains of Western and Eastern Limgrave, the coast of the Weeping Penninsula and forboding Legacy Dungeon known as Stormveil Castle.

How Does Open World Exploration Work In Elden Ring?

Players can explore the world of Elden Ring on foot or on horseback, alone or online with other players, and become fully immersed in the grassy plains, suffocating swamps, spiraling mountains, foreboding castles and other sites of grandeur on a scale never seen before in a From Software title.

Players in Elden Ring can fast travel for free at nearly any time by using a Site Of Lost Grace which is the game’s equivalent to Bonfires in Dark Souls. Sites Of Lost Grace also serve as revive points after death as do the new Stakes Of Marika which can serve as helpful time saving mechanic when exploring new and difficult locations.

Most regions in the game are fully open and those regions do not need to be completed in any specific order to progress to the next. Elden Ring is a truly open world experience, but the game also will point you in the direction of the next story objective if you want to purse it. This is called the Guidance of Grace.

Guidance Of Grace Directions In Elden Ring

As players discover Sites Of Lost Grace, which are similar to Bonfires in classic Dark Souls titles, these locations will be added to the World Map as icons. Some Sites will also extend a Guidance Of Grace which appears as a thin trail of gold light extending in the direction of your next story objective. These trails are also marked on your World Map as “golden arrows” giving you a clear indication of which direction to travel in order to reach your next destination.

The Guidance Of Grace appearing from discovered Sites Of Grace.

Elden Ring Map Markers

Players can place up to 100 custom markers on the World Map to designate where to find interesting locations, crafting materials, boss monsters and much more. Some custom icons available include:

  • Sword
  • Skull
  • Person
  • Animal
  • Plant
  • Gem
  • Treasure
  • Flag
  • Tree
  • Tower


How To Place Map Beacons In Elden Ring

Players will have the option of placing Beacons on the Elden Ring World Map. These Beacons will then appear in the game world as tall glowing beams of light, helping players more easily find the marked locations while out exploring.

A Beacon placed on the Elden Ring Map.

A distant Beacon placed by a player.

Map Fragments In Elden Ring

As we mentioned earlier, many named locations on the Elden Ring map will be hidden from players by a Fog Of War mechanic. To remove the Fog Of War, players can discover Map Fragments which will reveal certain areas of the World Map completely.

Elden Ring Full Map

The full size of the complete Elden Ring map is still to be determined, however what we have seen so far seems absolutely massive! Rumored underground and sky areas may add even more to this huge game world! The largest map image we have found can be seen below.

A wide view of the Lands Between.

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