New World Builds

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A complete list of many amazing Solo and Group Builds for New World, covering both PVE and PVP content.

What Builds Can Players Create In New World?

New World has a completely flexibile build system centered around Weapon Mastery, Character Attributes and Crafting. Players are never limited in their choices and can respec those choices whenever they wish.

Traditional MMO roles such as Tank, Healer and DPS exist in New World and are encouraged, especially for more challenging Group PVE content. In PVP many build options exist as well depending on the PVP content type, whether it be dueling, open world PVP or Territory Wars.

What Attribute Should I Choose For My Build?

The Attributes you choose in New World will depend on which weapons you want to use for your character. Each weapon improves in efficiency based on a particular attribute or combination of attributes. For example, if you want your character to use a Healing Life Staff, those skills will improve by investing your Attribute Points into Focus.

You will also unlock unique passive bonuses for each Attibute as you level that Stat from 1 to a maximum of 300. These bonuses offer both combat-related Perks such as greater Critical Damage or Mana Regeneration as well as tradeskill-related Perks such as faster skinning and mining.

There is a lot to explore here, but our New World Attribute Guide can help you determine which stats are best to invest into for your build.

Most Attributes in New World are directly tied to improving specific Weapons and can also grant combat and tradeskill bonuses.

What Armor And Weapon Types Are Best In New World?

There is no “best” weapon in New World for all situations. Rather, some weapons are better in particular aspects of combat, whether it be group or solo combat in either PVE or PVP.

Weapon combinations are often a matter of which playstyle you prefer as well. For example, if you want to build a quick, nimble fighter you might choose the Rapier. Or if you want an in-your-face Brawler type of playstyle you might select the Great Axe or War Hammer.

Once players reach level 5 they can equip two weapons and switch between them, adding for more build options and flexibility. A full list of weapons for New World can be found in our New World Weapons Guide.

Your choice of Armor Type should be informed by New World’s Equip Load System where builds are categorized by Weight as either Light, Medium or Heavy and then given specific bonuses based on that weight. Each Equip Load Weight offers a variety of passive bonuses and some drawbacks. For example, Light Armor Builds can utilize the Dodge Roll in New World, which is a powerful evasive option. Medium Armor Builds have access to a slightly shorter “Dodge-Hop” and Heavy Armor Builds have access to a basic side-step or slide in place of dodge. 

Your choice of Equip Load also changes your damage done, healing, and crowd control debuff duration, so it will be important to select the best option for the role you want to play. More information can be found in our Equip Load Guide.

A Medium Armor Build in New World offers a good balance between dealing damage and armor protection.

New World Builds From RPG DOJO

We’ve created many Written Build Guides for New World to help you get off to a successful start in Aeternum. Select a build below to learn more.

Hatchet / Life Staff Build: Immortal Warrior

The Ultimate Solo Build For New World With Strong Damage And Even Better Healing and Defense!


Rapier / Musket Solo Build: Duelist

Play as the Ultimate Musketeer with this Rapier / Musket combo. Perfect for Solo PVE and PVP Combat in New World!


Life Staff / Ice Gauntlet Healer Build: Frost Cleric

Great Group Healing and Crowd Control make this the Perfect Healer Build for Expeditions and Group content in New World!


Hatchet / Great Axe DPS Build: Mauler

Kill Things FAST With This Extremely EASY DPS Build For New World Using Great Axe And Hatchet.


Sword And Shield / Great Axe Build: Brawler

This build offers a great combination of AOE damage, crowd control, defense, and mobility, letting you stand up to multiple enemies at once with ease.


War Hammer / Life Staff PVE & PVP Build: War Priest

The AOE King! Massive Damage combined with amazing defense and self-heals!


Bow / Hatchet Solo Build: Hunter

Easy ONE-SHOT Kills plus MASSIVE Melee Damage! This Bow / Hatchet Build for New World Can Do It ALL!


Spear & Life Staff Solo Leveling Build: The Templar

Fantastic Passive Healing plus Great Damage and CC! This build can EASILY Solo most content in New World, even at LOW Levels!


Sword And Shield / Fire Staff Solo Build: Battlemage

The Heavy Armor, Frontline Fighter that specializes in AOE Slash and Burn Damage, Defense and Self-Healing.


Sword And Shield / Hatchet Tank Build: META TANK

The EASY Meta Tank Build for New World Group Content! Great Defense, Healing and AOE Taunts!


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