New World Immortal Warrior Build: Hatchet And Life Staff

Written By hacktheminotaur
The Ultimate Solo Build For New World With Strong Damage And Even Better Healing and Defense!

Build Introduction

The Immortal Warrior Build for New World is a Heavy Armor, Hatchet and Life Staff combo that offers a balanced approach to gameplay, including Damage, Healing and Survivability. This build can solo multiple enemies at once and can even handle enemies above the player’s own level, elite mobs and bosses.

Best Attributes

The core attribute needed for the Immortal Warrior is going to be Focus. Focus in New World is the primary Attribute that benefits Life Staff users, so putting the majority of our points there will ensure we have plenty of powerful Healing options that can keep us alive in difficult encounters. Through the use of Gems, we will also be using our Focus stat to scale up the damage of our Hatchet. More on this later.

Putting points into Constitution is aslo recommended for increasing your Maximum Health, especially early on in the game. Having at least 50 points in Constitution results a fantastic healing perk great for all builds that increases the effectiveness of your potions. Eventually, you will want at least 100 Constitution for the bonus Health Perk as well.

As a secondary Attribute, some Strength will also be useful for improving the melee damage of our Hatchet, so if you come across bonus Strength on Weapons or Armor those will be worth slotting as well. For this build, a goal of 50 Strength will net you another great Passive that increases your melee Light Attack damage.

Armor Choices

New World has a detailed Armor Weight and Equip Load system. For increased survivability and defense in the game your best choice by far will be Heavy Armor for every piece on your character. Heavy Armor pieces in New World have the best overall Physical and Elemental Resistance ratings, letting us stand our ground for longer and against larger groups of enemies.

Heavy Armor builds have the following passive bonuses in New World.

Heavy Equip Load

  • 15% Bonus Block Stability
  • 20% Bonus Crowd Control Duration
  • Shortest Dodge Distance: the Dodge Slide
  • Highest Physical and Elemental Resistance

As you can see, Heavy Armor passives are perfect for absorbing damage due to the increased Block Stability. You will also benefit greatly from the maxed out Resistances. The main downside to using Heavy Armor in New World is that your Healing and Damage is decreased, however we can mitigate this to a large degree through Skills, Attributes and Perks.

Armor Attributes

Remember, when looking for gear pieces for this build try to find those with a bonus to the Focus Attribute. Some additional armor pieces with Strength or Constitution will be fine as well.

    Armor Sets

    Some Armor Sets you will want to look for include the Cleric and Nomad Sets. These will contribute both Focus and Constitution to your build. Another option is the Amor Of The Sage Set which is 100% Focus-based. This will be especially good for Jewelry pieces to help max out your Focus stat.

    Primary Weapon

    The Primary Weapon for the Immortal Warrior Build is the Hatchet. This weapon allows for Damaging Combos, some solid Healing and even a Passive that brings you back from the Dead!

    A recommended trait for your Hatchet is Refreshing Torrent.

    As a build that combines both Melee and Magical attacks, we will also want a Hatchet that comes with a Gem Slot. This is because we can Slot an Amber Gem in our Sword which will scale a percentage of our damage with Focus, allowing us to deal maximum Damange AND Healing. Amber Gems come in multiple different Tiers, so try to find the highest Tier possible before slotting it into your Hatchet.

    More information on Amber Gems can be found here.

    Secondary Weapon

    The Secondary Weapon for this Build is going to be the Life Staff. This weapon is a fantastic choice for any solo build in New World due to its many heal over time effects that will continually heal your character, even after switching back to the Hatchet.

    Some great Perks for your Life Staff include Blessed and Revitalizing Beacon. Keep in mind these will only effect your healing when you are using the Life Staff, and not when switched to the Hatchet.

    Hatchet Skills

    The Hatchet Skills we’ve selected for this build are centered around powerful damage combos.

    Click each skill name below to learn more about that skill and its upgrades or dive into our complete New World Hatchet Guide.

    Skill #1


    Triggers a Berserk Mode that increases all attack damage by 20% while active. Berserk Mode will be active for 12 seconds. Cooldown will trigger once Berserk ends.

    Taunt Gem Compatible: If you have a Carnelian Gem equipped in your Hatchet, this ability causes an 8s taunt to all enemies within 8m. Taunt causes monsters to focus on you.

    Cooldown: 18.0

    Weapon Tree: Berserker

    Tier I

    Skill #2

    Feral Rush

    A sprinting melee attack that causes the player to leap forward, hitting twice. The first hit deals 115% and the 2nd deals 130% weapon damage.

    Cooldown: 12.0

    Weapon Tree: Berserker

    Tier II

    Skill #3

    Raging Torrent

    Perform four fast attacks each dealing 90% weapon damage.

    Cooldown: 15.0

    Weapon Tree: Berserker

    Tier III

    Life Staff Skills

    The Life Staff skills we’ve selected for this build allow for amazing Area Effect healing over time, keeping us alive in difficult encounters

    Click each skill name below to learn more about that skill and its upgrades or dive into our complete New World Life Staff Guide.

    Skill #1

    Orb Of Protection

    Shoot out a light projectile that grants 10% Fortify for 20s, heals an ally for 10% of weapon damage, and deals 146% weapon damage when it hits an enemy. (Fortify reduces incoming damage.)

    Costs 16.0 Mana.

    Cooldown: 10.0

    Weapon Tree: Protector

    Tier I

    Skill #2


    Shoot out a light projectile that deals 146% weapon damage to enemies, attaches to it's target and heals all nearby allies for 20% weapon damage each second for 10s.

    Costs 16.0 Mana.

    Cooldown: 35.0

    Weapon Tree: Protector

    Tier II

    Skill #3

    Sacred Ground

    Create an area on the ground that lasts for 15s and heals 20% weapon damage every second.

    Costs 15.0 Mana.

    Cooldown: 20.0

    Weapon Tree: Healing

    Tier II

    Combat Basics


    To burn through bosses, single enemies and groups, the Hatchet provides a ton of damage! Start with Berserk to amp up your damage by 20%, followed by Feral Rush and Raging Torrent.


    Remember to dodge as needed for maneuvering, especially to keep your character positioned within skills like Sacred Ground. To get closer to enemies that are retreating you can also use Feral Rush to close the distance or push them back.


    To effectively Solo tougher enemies and survive on this build you will need to utilize all of your Life Staff healing Skills as well as the healing available on the Hatchet. Start a fight by casting by Orb Of Protection and Beacon on an enemy for the heal over time effect. Next, switch to the Hatchet and use Berserk for additional healing while you deal damage with basic attacks and your other Hatchet skills. Once Berserk has run out you can then switch back to the Life Staff and use Orb Of Protection combined with Sacred Ground.

    You should always try to have at least two sources of healing from the Life Staff active at all times, plus Berserk from the Hatchet for a third heal in when facing multiple enemies.

    Important Passives

    Passive Skills in New World are extremely important, especially for damage dealers. The more passives you unlock, the more damage potential your character has access to.


    Life Staff



    You’ll want to start this build off with a basic food option such as Light Rations or Travel Rations. This food is helpful at all times, whether you are in a group or playing Solo as it slowly restores your Health over time. Keep in mind you can also consume this food for a faster heal over time for a few seconds if you are not getting hit.


    For Potions, Weak Health Potions will be fine at first, but you will eventually want to upgrade these to Common Health Potions and Strong Health Potions. Strong Health Potions especially can be a real life saver.

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