New World Duelist Build: Rapier And Musket

Written By hacktheminotaur
Play as the Ultimate Musketeer with this Rapier / Musket combo. Perfect for Solo PVE and PVP Combat in New World!

Build Introduction

The Duelist Build is an Insanely Powerful Solo PVE and PVP Build for New World. This build specializes in explosive long range damage, brutally fast melee attacks and supreme mobility. In most fights and with enough experience using this build you can completely control the situation choosing to deal damage from any range you want, kite the target, or retreat if necessary.

Best Attributes

The core attribute needed for the DUELIST build is Dexterity. This is because Dexterity is the primary attribute for both of our main weapons on this build. Simply put: More Dexterity means more Damage! Dexterity also comes with some fantastic passive bonuses for ranged and melee fighters including higher critical chance, headshot damage and backstab damage.

Putting points into Constitution is aslo recommended for increasing your Maximum Health, especially early on in the game. Having at least 50 points in Constitution results in a healing perk great for all builds that increases the effectiveness of your potions.

Armor Choices

New World has a detailed Armor Weight and Equip Load system which provides different bonuses and drawbacks depending on your overall build weight. For the DUELIST Build I prefer a Light Equip Load as this gives us the highest possible damage in all situations. You can also go with a Medium Equip Load if you prefer for a more balaned approach to damage and armor. Some players also prefer using Medium on a build like this that uses the Musket because you can dodge/reload faster while using a specific passive.

Light Armor builds have the following passive bonuses in New World:

Light Equip Load

  • 20% Bonus Healing
  • 20% Bonus Damage
  • Farthest Dodge Distance: the Dodge Roll
  • Lowest Physical and Elemental Resistance

For comparison, Medium Armor builds have the following passive bonuses in New World:

Medium Equip Load

  • 10% Bonus Healing
  • 10% Bonus Damage
  • Medium Dodge Distance: the Dodge Hop
  • Average Physical and Elemental Resistance

    Armor Attributes

    Remember, when looking for gear pieces for this build to focus on our Primary Attribute: Dexterity. Some pieces with Constitution will also be good.

    Armor Sets

    My favorite Armor Set in New World for the DUELIST build is the Ranger Set. This type of armor comes in Heavy, Medium and Light, so you can mix and match pieces if needed to obtain your desired Equip Load. I recommend using a Medium Chest Piece as this will give you quite a bit of extra Physical and Elemental Resistances without putting you over the Light Armor Cap.

    The great thing about this set is its attribute bonus which is 100% Dexterity-based. You can find this set randomly from enemy drops in New World or buy it from the trader.

    Primary Weapon

    The Primary Weapon for the DUELIST Build is the Rapier. This weapon allows for Powerful and Fast damaging combos as well as fantastic mobility.

    A recommended trait for your Rapier is Keenly Empowered.

    Once you find a Rapier with a Gem Slot available, you’ll be able to dramatically increase your killing power with the help of a Cut Emerald Gem. This increases your damage against targets below 30% Health and can very useful for quickly burning through enemies.

    More information on Emerald Gems can be found here.

    Secondary Weapon

    The Secondary Weapon for the DUELIST Build is going to be the Musket. This weapon is an extremely powerful ranged option for any build in New World due to its massive burst damage potential.

    A recommended trait for your Musket is Crippling Powder Burn.

    Once you find a Musket with a Gem Slot available, you’ll be able to dramatically increase the Musket’s Power, especially as an opening weapon, with a Cut Onyx Gem. This increases your damage against targets at Full Health from 20-30%. Big Damage!

    More information on Onyx Gems can be found here.

    Rapier Skills

    The Rapier Skills we’ve selected for this build are centered around quick melee strikes and mobility.

    Click each skill name below to learn more about that skill and its upgrades.

    Skill #1


    Enter a posed stance and unleash a series of five quick thrust attacks with each strike dealing more damage. Flurry can be dodge canceled at any time.

    Cooldown: 16.0

    Weapon Tree: Blood

    Tier I

    Skill #2


    Enter into a defensive stance for 1 second. If struck during this ability, counter the attacker stunning them briefly for 1.5 seconds. You are briefly invulnerable upon a successful Riposte.

    Taunt Gem Compatible: If you have a Carnelian gem equiped in your rapier, This ability cause a 4.0s taunt to all foes within 5m. Taunt causes monsters to focus only on you.

    Cooldown: 20.0

    Weapon Tree: Grace

    Tier II

    Skill #3


    Leave the ground lunging forward for 10m in a stabbing motion piercing through enemies dealing 145.0% damage.

    Cooldown: 17.0

    Weapon Tree: Grace

    Tier II

    Musket Skills

    The Musket skills we’ve selected for this build are focused on dealing as much upfront damage as possible.

    Click each skill name below to learn more about that skill and its upgrades.

    Skill #1

    Power Shot

    Overload musket with gun powder, causing the next shot to deal 150% Weapon Damage. Does not stack or combine with other overload shots.

    Cooldown: 15.0

    Weapon Tree: Sharpshooter

    Tier I

    Skill #2

    Powder Burn

    Overload your musket with gun powder, causing the next shot to deal 110% Weapon Damage and cause a Burn status effect that deals 20% Weapon Damage per second for 9.0 seconds. Does not stack or combine with other overload shots.

    Cooldown: 15.0

    Weapon Tree: Sharpshooter

    Tier II

    Skill #3

    Sticky Bomb

    A bomb that can be thrown a short range and sticks to anything it makes contact with. Detonation will occur 3 seconds after impact dealing 175% weapon damage to all targets within 3.0 meters.

    Cooldown: 12.0

    Weapon Tree: Trapper

    Tier III

    Combat Basics


    The best way to start combat on this build is from the farthest range possible using the Musket. Start with a Power Shot, aimed for the enemy’s head if possible, for maximum damage. Follow this up with a Powder Burn for the damage over time effect, then roll dodge backward and do another basic Musket shot. From here, if the enemy is far enough away you can apply a Sticky Bomb, then swap to your Rapier and Fleche through the enemy to create more distance or backstab them from the other side.

    When enemies are in closer range you will want to rely more on Riposte to counter their attacks followed by Flurry for more damage. 


    Stamina regenerates fairly quickly in New World, so remember to use it! You should be Dodging behind enemies whenever possible to both avoid damage and also increase your own outgoing damage through melee backstab attacks.

    To gain more space and move away from enemies you can use Fleche to spin directly through them and come out the other side.


    Potions are the main source of healing on this build, so remember to stay stocked with plenty of Strong Health Potions.

    Important Passives

    Passive Skills in New World are extremely important, especially for damage dealers. The more passives you unlock, the more damage potential your character has access to.



    • Salt On The Wounds
    • Weakened Defense
    • Hustle
    • Tactical Reload
    • Kick ‘Em When They’re Down
    • Called Shot
    • Ballistic Advantage
    • Called Shot Resupply
    • Hit Your Mark
    • Sniper



    You’ll want to start this build off with a basic food option such as Light Rations or Travel Rations. This food is helpful at all times, whether you are in a group or playing Solo as it slowly restores your Health over time. Keep in mind you can also consume this food for a faster heal over time for a few seconds if you are not getting hit.


    For Potions, Weak Health Potions will be fine at first, but you will eventually want to upgrade these to Common Health Potions and Strong Health Potions. Strong Health Potions especially can be a real life saver.

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