New World Bow Guide

Bows in New World are a Powerful PVE and PVP Weapon with many options for ranged damage as well as utility.

New World Bow Introduction

In New World, the Bow is a versatile ranged weapon that can rapidly fire arrows or be fully drawn to achieve maximum damage. Bows are a great option for maintaining distance while also utilizing a variety of skills to damage and hinder targets.

Bow Damage Scaling In New World

The Primary Attribute for the Bow in New World is Dexterity. With increased Dexterity your Bow’s basic attacks and special abilities will do more damage.

Basic Attack Types

Short Draw: Deals 100% Thrust Damage

Long Draw: Deals 170% Thrust Damage

New World Bow Skill Trees 

The two Skill Trees available for the Bow in New World are Skirmisher and Hunter.

New World Bow Skills

The primary active skills for the Bow in New World are:

Detailed explanations as well as possible upgrades for each skill are shown below. Click on a Skill Name for more information.

Bow Skirmisher Tree – Active Skills

Skill #1

Evade Shot

Leap back 5m and shoot an arrow dealing 125% weapon damage.

Cooldown: 15.0

Weapon Tree: Skirmisher

Tier I

Evasive Knockback

Evade Shot causes knockback of 2m.

Tier II

Go The Distance

Evade Shot grants you 5s of 15% Haste.

Tier III

Skill #2

Rain Of Arrows

Shoot a barrage of arrows 7 meters wide that deals 150% weapon damage.

Cooldown: 25.0

Weapon Tree: Skirmisher

Tier II

Barbed Arrows

Rain of Arrows causes bleed dealing 85% weapon damage over 12. (max 3 stacks)

Tier III

Hooked Arrows

Rain of arrows causes a 15% slow for 4s. (Slow reduces targets movement speed.)

Tier IV

Skill #3

Poison Shot

Shoot a poison arrow that on hit or land creates a cloud of poison 3m wide that lasts 6s. Foes entering the cloud are poisoned dealing 10% weapon damage per second for 20s.

Cooldown: 35.0

Weapon Tree: Skirmisher

Tier III

Infected Arrows

Poison Shot's poison now does 12% weapon damage per second for 20s.

Tier IV

Direct Hit

If you directly hit a target with Poison Shot it deals 200% more damage.

Tier V

Bow Hunter Tree – Active Skills

Penetrating Shot

Shoot an arrow dealing 150% weapon damage that passes through targets and continues for 100 meters.

Cooldown: 18.0

Weapon Tree: Hunter

Tier I

Blood Soaked Arrow

Increased damage by 10% after each hit. (max 50% damage.)

Tier II

Deep Strike

Penetrating Shot deals 20% more damage to targets 20m or more away.

Tier III

Splinter Shot

Shoot an arrow out 10 meters it then splits into 3 arrows dealing 50% weapon damage.

Cooldown: 22.0

Weapon Tree: Hunter

Tier II

Scatter Shot

Splinter Shot splits into 5 arrows.

Tier III


Reduce cooldown per hit by 10%.

Tier IV

Rapid Shot

Shoot 3 consecutive arrows. The first two dealing 100% weapon damage each. The last shot causes a knockback and deal 125% weapon damage.

Cooldown: 20.0

Weapon Tree: Hunter

Tier III

Rapid Accuracy

If all 3 arrows consecutively hit the same target Rapid Shot’s cooldown is reduced by 50%.

Tier IV

Final Blow

3rd Shot of Rapid Shot deal 25% extra damage.

Tier V

Bow Skirmisher Tree – Passive Skills

Evasive Tactics

After you dodge: Deal 20% more damage for 5s.

Tier I

Catch Me If You Can

If surrounded by 3 or more foes within 3m of you gain 20% Haste (you move faster.)

Tier I


If you hit a foe with 100% health cause 10% slow for 2s.

Tier II

Closing In

Hitting a foe below 50% health: reduces bow ability recharge by 5%.

Tier II

Dodge And Weave

After you dodge: Gain 10% haste for 2.0s. (you move faster.)

Tier III

Hunter's Insight

Hitting a foe with a debuff grants 5 stamina.

Tier III

Archer's Speed

Gain 10% haste for 5s when you swap to your bow. (10s cooldown)

Tier IV


Deal 10% more damage to foes suffering from a debuff.

Tier V

Battle Precision

Debuff and damage over time durations last 20% longer.

Tier V

Knee Shot

Leg shots cause 10% slow for 2s (slow causes target to move slower.).

Tier VI

Bow Hunter Tree – Passive Skills

Long Range

Deal 20% more damage to foes at least 10m away.

Tier I

Aim True

Heavy attacks arrows fly faster and deal 30% more damage.

Tier I

Finishing Shot

If your target is below 50% health: Deal 20% more damage.

Tier II

Unbreakable Focus

Receive 10% less damage while aiming.

Tier II

Opening Strike

Heavy attacks deal +20% damage to foes with 100% health.

Tier III

Surprise Attack

If you haven't damaged a foe in the last 10s: Deal 20% extra damage.

Tier IV

Arrow Range

Increased arrow distance before start of gravity by 100%.

Tier IV


When you land a headshot heal yourself for 10% of damage done.

Tier V


Bow shots critical chance increase by 10%.

Tier V


When you land a headshot you deal 20% more damage and have a chance to get your arrow back.

Tier VI

New World Bow Perks

Each active skill for the Bow in New World can be further enhanced with Perks that can be found on armor or weapons. The 6 Perks that directly effect the Bow are:


  • Empowering Splinter Shot
  • Fortifying Rain Of Arrows
  • Refreshing Penetrating Shot
  • Energizing Evade Shot
  • Enfeebling Poison Shot
  • Penetrating Rapid Shot

Empowering Splinter Shot

Splinter Shot hits grant Empower, increasing damage by 4-19% for 10 seconds or until the next attack.

Fortifying Rain Of Arrows

Hitting a target with Rain Of Arrows grants Fortify on self, increasing damage absorbtion by 5% for 6 seconds.

Refreshing Penetrating Shot

Penetrating Shot kills reduce this ability’s cooldown by 3-14%.

Energizing Evade Shot

Gain 2-18 Stamina after hitting a target with Evade Shot.

Enfeebling Poison Shot

Poison Shot’s arrow also applies Weaken, reducing target’s damage by 3-14% for 4 seconds.

Penetrating Rapid Shot

Increase armor penetration of the final arrow of Rapid Shot by 5-19%.

Recommended Bow Trait Gems

Traits in New World add another layer of power and customization to your Bow Build. Traits can be acquired by slotting gems into a Weapon or Armor Gem Slot.

Click on a Gem link below for more information.

  • Opal – increase damage by 6-15% while Stamina is not full.
  • Onyx – increase damage by 15-30% on full Health targets.
  • Diamond – increase damage and healing by 6-15% while at full Health.
  • Emerald – increase damage by 8-20% against targets with less than 30% Health.

New World Bow Builds

Bow / Hatchet Solo Build: Hunter

Easy ONE-SHOT Kills plus MASSIVE Melee Damage! This Bow / Hatchet Build for New World Can Do It ALL!


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