New World Camp Upgrade Guide

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Curious about upgrading your Camp in New World? In this guide we cover HOW to upgrade and WHY.

What Are Camps In New World?

A Camp in New World is primarily used to recover Health, to craft basic items or as a Respawn point.

When Can You Start Building Camps?

One of the earliest quests you will receive in your first town will allow you to unlock Camps. Then, as you level up more, additional quests will become available which unlock upgraded Camps.

How To Build A Camp In New World

  1. Find a flat piece of land cleared of tree and other terrain suitable for placing your camp. Make sure the area is far enough away any named Point Of Interest.
  2. Press Y to open the Camp Blueprint. This shows you exactly how your Camp will appear in the world.
  3. Move your character to the desired location and click the left mouse button.
  4. If you have the required resources, usually 5 green wood and 1 flint, hold down E to build the Camp.
  5. You may need to step back from the Camp before it can be built. You did it!

Note that you can press and hold Y at any time to destroy your Camp – you will also lose this area as a Respawn point. Only do this if you intended to build your Camp somewhere else, because none of the materials spent will be restored.

How Do You Upgrade Your Camp In New World?

To Upgrade to the next Camp Tier you need to unlock the upgrade quest by leveling up your character, then complete that quest. The level requirements and quest starters for Camp Upgrades are found below.


Level Camp Tier Quest Name
~5 Tier I  
15 Tier II Survivalist: Friends In Fashion
25 Tier III Animal Instinct
40 Tier IV Survivalist: Lupine Observations
55 Tier V Survivalist: Fading Lights

Why Should I Upgrade My Camp?

The main reason for upgrading your camp in New World is because of the increased Tier for crafting. For example, a Tier I camp only allows you to craft Tier I items, but a Tier II camp would let you craft Tier II items and so on. This can be quite useful at later levels when you become more dependent on those higher quality items.


What Can Be Crafted At A Camp In New World?

Many items that players normally craft in Settlements can also be crafted at a Camp. This includes weapons, ammunition, tools, food, bait and potions.

Other Important Things To Know About Camps

  • Camps disappear after you log out of the server. This is also true if your game crashes or if you lose connection.
  • Other Players can use their own resources to build your camp for you if you don’t have enough on hand. Just lay down the camp blueprint.

Tier 1 Camp Quest

  • Talk to the Survivalist in your starting Settlement to begin this quest.

Tier II Camp Upgrade – Level 15

The Tier II Camp Upgrade is unlocked at Level 15 and earned after completing the quest called Survivalist: Friends In Fashion in the Monarch’s Bluff Hamlet.

More To Come!

This Wiki is still growing, and more information will be coming soon! Please come back soon!

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