New World War Hammer Guide

In New World, the War Hammer is a powerful AOE and Crowd Control focused weapon that is a solid choice for any PVE or PVP build.

New World War Hammer Introduction

In New World, the War Hammer is a ruthless option for both PVP and PVP combat that can cause the earth to quake with its mighty strikes. This powerful melee weapon is ideal for impeding enemies with ground tremors or dealing crippling blows directly to a target.

War Hammer Damage Scaling In New World

The Primary Attribute for the War Hammer in New World is Strength. With increased Strength your War Hammer basic attacks and skills will do more damage.


Basic Attack Types

Light Attack: Deals 100% Strike Damage

Heavy Attack: Deals 130% Strike Damage

Charged Heavy Attack: Deals 170% Strike Damage

War Hammer Skill Trees

The two Skill Trees available for the War Hammer are Juggernaut and Crowd Crusher.

War Hammer Skills And Passives

    This list includes the primary skills for the War Hammer as well as their underlying passives.

    New World War Hammer Builds

    The 8 Best New World Builds You Need To Try

    We tested as many New World Builds as we could think of and came up with this list of the Best of the Best!


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