New World Life Staff Guide

The Life Staff is the main Healing weapon available in New World with great options for direct healing and heal over time skills. If you want to heal in either PVE or PVP content this is the weapon for you to master.

New World Life Staff Introduction

In New World, the Life Staff consumes Mana to apply the restorative power of Nature spells. The Life Staff is ideal for supporting yourself and your allies in combat with powerful healing and buffing abilities.

Life Staff Scaling In New World

The Primary Attribute for the Life Staff in New World is Focus. With increased Focus your Life Staff basic attacks and skills will be more effective.

Life Staff Basic Attack Types

Life Staff basic attacks can be quite powerful, but keep in mind they also cost mana to cast.

  • Life Staff Light Attacks deals 107% Nature Damage.
  • Life Staff Heavy Attacks deals 151% Nature Damage.

Life Staff Skill Trees

The two Skill Trees available for the Life Staff are Healing and Protector.

New World Life Staff Skills

The active skills for the Life Staff in New World are:

Detailed explanations as well as possible upgrades for each skill are shown below. Click on a Skill Name for more information.

Life Staff Healing Tree Active Skills

Skill #1

Divine Embrace

Heal target for 150.0% weapon damage.

Costs 25.0 Mana.

Cooldown: 6.0

Weapon Tree: Healing

Tier I


Divine Embrace costs 20.0 Mana.

Tier II

Shared Struggle

If target is below 50% health heal one additional ally within 8m for the same amount

Tier IV


If 2nd target is below 50% health heal another ally within 8m of that ally.

Tier V

Skill #2

Sacred Ground

Create an area on the ground that lasts for 15s and heals 20% weapon damage every second.

Costs 15.0 Mana.

Cooldown: 20.0

Weapon Tree: Healing

Tier II

Holy Ground

Regenerate Stamina and Mana 100.0% faster while in Sacred Ground.

Tier III


While allies are in Sacred Ground they are healed for 50.0% more from all healing.

Tier IV

Skill #3

Splash Of Light

You and all group members within 100m are healed for 50.0% weapon damage.

Costs 15.0 Mana.

Cooldown: 15.0

Weapon Tree: Healing

Tier III

Shared Recovery

If you heal a target below 50% health gain 3.0% of your max mana.

Tier IV


Splash of Light also removes 1 debuff.

Tier V

Life Staff Protector Tree Active Skills

Skill #1

Orb Of Protection

Shoot out a light projectile that grants 10% Fortify for 20s, heals an ally for 10% of weapon damage, and deals 146% weapon damage when it hits an enemy. (Fortify reduces incoming damage.)

Costs 16.0 Mana.

Cooldown: 10.0

Weapon Tree: Protector

Tier I

Protector's Blessing

If Orb of Projection hits an ally they gain Recovery for 10.0s. (Recovery heals for 7.5% weapon damage every second.)

Tier II

Shared Protection

If you successfully heal an ally with Orb of protection, you also gain Fortify, and Recovery.

Tier III


When this projectile hits, it effects all allies within a 3m radius.

Tier IV

Skill #2


Shoot out a light projectile that deals 146% weapon damage to enemies, attaches to it's target and heals all nearby allies for 20% weapon damage each second for 10s.

Costs 16.0 Mana.

Cooldown: 35.0

Weapon Tree: Protector

Tier II

Infused Light

Beacon's area of effect is now 50% larger.

Tier III

Radiance's Blessing

Beacon lasts 5s longer.

Tier IV

Speed Of Light

When Beacon heals a target it also applies 20% Haste for 3.0s. Haste increases movement speed.

Tier V

Skill #3

Light's Embrace

Targeted heal for 100.0% weapon damage +30.0% more for each buff on that target.

Costs 18.0 Mana.

Cooldown: 4.0

Weapon Tree: Protector

Tier III


When you heal a target with Light's Embrace that target receives 25 stamina.

Tier IV


When you heal a target with Light's Embrace you gain 1% of your max mana for each buff your target has.

Tier V

Life Staff Healing Tree Passive Skills


Life Staff Light and Heavy attack no longer consume mana.

Tier I

Mending Touch

Life Staff Heavy Attack now removes 1 debuff when passing through an ally.

Tier II

Blissful Touch

Light attacks now heal target for 20.0% weapon damage when passing through an ally.

Tier II

Desperate Speed

When you heal an ally with less than 50% health, Life Staff cooldowns are reduced by -10%. This can only be triggered once every 5 seconds.

Tier III


When you hit with a light attack, reduce all your cooldowns by -5.0%.

Tier III

Enchanted Justice

When hit in battle activate a healing aura for you and nearby friends in a 4m radius healing for 10.0% weapon damage each second for 6.0s. (Cooldown 120.0s).

Tier IV

Sacred Protection

While holding a Life Staff: increase the base health of all friendlies in your group by 10%.

Tier V


Heavy Attacks give you increase healing by 10% for 10s (max 3.0 stacks.)

Tier V

Divine Blessing

When you heal an ally if their health is below 50%: heal for 30.0% more

Tier VI

Life Staff Protector Tree Passive Skills

Bend Light

After a dodge, your heals are 20% more effective for 5.0s.

Tier I

Defensive Light

When you block a Melee attack: gain 5% max mana.

Tier I

Protector's Touch

Life Staff Light and Heavy attacks grant 15% Fortify for 3s when hitting an enemy. (Fortify reduces incoming damage.)

Tier II

Protector's Strength

If you have a buff heal for 10% more.

Tier III


When you get hit while below 50% health, gain 10% Haste for 5s. (cooldown 20s)

Tier IV

Spirits United

Increases mana regeneration for you and group members by 3%.

Tier V

Glowing Focus

Buffs you grant last 20% longer.

Tier V


When you heal with Light's Embrace extend Life Staff buffs by 2s.

Tier VI

New World Life Staff Perks

Each active skill for the Life Staff in New World can be further enhanced with Perks that can be found on armor or weapons. The 6 Perks that directly effect the Life Staff are:


  • Accelerating Life’s Embrace
  • Energizing Splash Of Light
  • Fortifying Sacred Ground
  • Mending Protection
  • Refreshing Divine Embrace
  • Revitializing Beacon

Accelerating Light’s Embrace

Allies below full health gain Haste when hit with Light’s Embrace, increasing movement speed by 5-23% for 3 seconds.

Energizing Splash Of Light

Allies hit with Splash Of Light gain 3-14 Stamina.

Fortifying Sacred Ground

Allies healed by Sacred Ground gain Fortify, increasing damage absorption by 3-14% for 5 seconds.

Mending Protection

Increase healing power by 5-37% for 5 seconds if Orb Of Protection heals an ally with no active buffs.

Refreshing Divine Embrace

Using Divine Embrace on a target below 50% Health reduces the cooldown by 10-46%.

Revitializing Beacon

Using Beacon increases Healing Power on Self by 5-37% for 12 seconds.

Other Useful Life Staff Perks

The following Perks may not be exclusive to Life Staves or buff them specifically, but can be extremely powerful on a Life Staff Build.


  • Blessed – This Perk increases your Life Staff healing by a flat percent.
  • Refreshing Move – This Perk causes your Light and Heavy attacks to reduce the cooldown of your abilities.


+10-28% Healing Bonus.

Refreshing Move

Light and Heavy Attacks reduce your active weapon cooldowns by 1-2.8%.

Recommended Life Staff Trait Gems

Traits in New World add another layer of power and customization to your Life Staff Build. Traits can be acquired by slotting gems into a Weapon or Armor Gem Slot.

We recommend the following Traits/Gems for Life Staff users:

  • Diamond – increase damage and healing by 6-15% while at full Health.

New World Life Staff Builds

Life Staff / Ice Gauntlet Healer Build: Frost Cleric

Great Group Healing and Crowd Control make this the Perfect Healer Build for Expeditions and Group content in New World!


Hatchet / Life Staff Build: Immortal Warrior

The Ultimate Solo Build For New World With Strong Damage And Even Better Healing and Defense!


Spear & Life Staff Solo Leveling Build: The Templar

Fantastic Passive Healing plus Great Damage and CC! This build can EASILY Solo most content in New World, even at LOW Levels!


War Hammer / Life Staff PVE & PVP Build: War Priest

The AOE King! Massive Damage combined with amazing defense and self-heals!


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