New World Musket Guide

The Musket in New World is a powerful ranged weapon that also includes traps and bombs.

New World Musket Introduction

In New World, the Musket is a powerful ranged weapon that shoots high damage cartridges. Muskets are ideal for keeping targets at a distance and long range combat with a high payoff for precise aim, especially headshots. Damage Over Time, Debuffs, Traps and Bombs are also a part of the Musket Skill Tree.

Musket Damage Scaling In New World

The Primary Attribute for the Musket in New World is Dexterity. The Secondary Attribute is Intelligence. Investing into either Attribute will increase the damage of your Musket’s basic attacks and special abilities, though you will see a greater bonus for investing in Dexterity.


Basic Attack Types

Standard Attack: Deals 100% Thrust Damage

Musket Skill Trees

The two Skill Trees available for the Musket are Sharpshooter and Trapper.

Musket Skills And Passives

    This list includes the primary skills for the Musket as well as their underlying passives.

    New World Musket Builds

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