New World Fast Travel Spirit Shrines

Written By hacktheminotaur
Learn about Fast Travel in New World using Spirit Shrines.

What Are Spirit Shrines?

Spirit Shrines in New World allow you to Fast Travel to any previously visited Outpost, Settlement or Spirit Shrine on the map. Players must pay Azoth as a fee for using a Spirit Shrine.

Where To Find Spirit Shrines In New World

Spirit Shrines are are available in every Territory of New World. Spirit Shrines can also be found in Settlements, though you can technically Fast Travel from any part of the Settlement while you are inside, not just at the Shrine.

Spirit Shrines can be identified easily while traveling thanks to the large beam of light they send into the sky.

Once you travel to a Spirit Shrine, that Shrine becomes visible on your map and can be used for Fast Travel to other previously discovered Spirit Shrines, Settlements and Outposts.

New World Spirit Shrine Locations By Territory

    • First Light – North of Elder’s Bluff
    • First Light – South of Campbell’s Rest
    • Cutlass Keys – East of the main Fort
    • Cutlass Keys – Southeast Corner
    • Windsward – Fisherman’s Bend, West of Primrose
    • Reekwater – Northwest of Main Fort
    • Reekwater – Eastern Edge of Territory
    • Monarch Bluffs – East of Deadman’s Anchor
    • Monarch Bluffs – East of the Settlement
    • Everfall – North of Bearclaw Pass
    • Everfall – East of Shadowmine
    • Brightwood – West of Bronze Grove
    • Brightwood – Northwest from Wolf Bough
    • Ebonscale – South
    • Ebonscale – North
    • Weaver’s Fen – North Edge
    • Weaver’s Fen – South border
    • Restless Shore – West
    • Morning Dale – Eastern Beach
    • Morningdale – Western pass
    • Edengrove – Central
    • Great Cleave – near the bridge
    • Shattered Mountain – central

    How Much Does It Cost To Fast Travel In New World?

    Cost for using a Spirit Shrine includes Base Cost, Distance Cost and Encumbrance cost

    • Base Cost – 50 Azoth
    • Distance Cost – Usually 0, but can be higher for very long distances
    • Encumbrance Cost – 50 to 100 Azoth

    Spirit Shrine Discounts

    Your Faction Rank and Faction Control status for the territory you are traveling can help to reduce the cost of Fast Traveling with a Spirit Shrine.

    Spirit Shrine Maps

    Check out the maps below for every Spirit Shrine location in New World organized by Territory.

    First Light Spirit Shrine Map

    • First Light has two Spirit Shrines.

    Cutlass Keys Spirit Shrine Map

    • Cutlass Keys has two Spirit Shrines.

    Windsward Spirit Shrine Map

    • Windsward has one Spirit Shrine.

    Reekwater Spirit Shrine Map

    • Reekwater has two Spirit Shrines.

    Monarch Bluffs Spirit Shrine Map

    • Monarch Bluffs has two Spirit Shrines.

    Everfall Spirit Shrine Map

    • Everfall has two Spirit Shrines.

    Brightwood Spirit Shrine Map

    • Brightwood has two Spirit Shrines.

    Ebonscale Spirit Shrine Map

    • Ebonscale has two Spirit Shrines.

    Weaver’s Fen Spirit Shrine Map

    • Weaver’s Fen has two Spirit Shrines.

    Restless Shore Spirit Shrine Map

    • Restless Shore has one Spirit Shrine.

    Morning Dale Spirit Shrine Map

    • Morning Dale has two Spirit Shrines.

    Eden Grove Spirit Shrine Map

    • Eden Grove has one Spirit Shrine.

    Great Cleave Spirit Shrine Map

    • Great Cleave has one Spirit Shrine.

    Shattered Mountain Spirit Shrine Map

    • Shattered Mountain has one Spirit Shrine.

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