New World Fast Leveling Guide

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Leveling Up in New World can be a challenge, so in this guide we cover the best methods to Level Up FAST!


We’ve been playing the closed beta for New World all week long and while this game definitely is a lot of fun, progressing through the leveling system and getting into those higher levels can be very time consuming. With that said, there are a few very solid tricks we’ve learned along the way to speed up that leveling process and we’re going to share those now!

What Is Max Level In New World?

Maximum Level for New World is currently set to Level 60.

Ways To Increase Player Level In New World

Players can level up their character by earning experience. Experience is earned from completing quests such as Main Story quests, Side quests, Faction missions and Town Projects as well as defeating enemies, discovering new locations and through PVP.


How To Earn EXTRA Experience In New World

As you increase your Territory Standing in a particular region you can unlock region specific buffs including Increased Experience gain. To unlock this you’ll need to complete quests in the territory to earn additional standing. This buff can also be increased over time as you gain standing with a particular territory.

Rested Experience Bonus In New World

After you’ve logged out from New World for some time, when you return you will get a Rested XP Bonus.

Best Ways To Level Up FAST In New World

#1 – Side Missions

Each major Settlement in New World has 3-4 side quests you can have active at any time, and each quest will give you a sizable amount of experience upon completing it. The downside to these is they can take fairly long to complete and can require a lot of traveling. To help speed things up make sure to accept all the quests in town that you can, and work on completing them in the same trip because many times the next objective will be quite close once you’re actually out in the world. Basically, you want to chain as many side quests together as you can before returning to town to maximize your time out adventuring.

While completing side quests you should also encounter many different types of enemies which provide additional experience while also leveling up your Weapon Skills at the same time, which is a great bonus to this method.

Once you’ve completed all your active side quests for a particular region all you need to do at that point is Recall back to the Inn for that region (this is free as long as you register at the Inn before leaving town) and then turn in everything at once.

#2 – Town Projects

For tip #2 we’re going to stay in town and check out the Town Projects board.  This board has many easy quests that have to do with crafting, gathering or refining materials and many of these give a lot of experience, sometimes even more than side quests and faction quests. To complete the Town Project mission simply gather or craft the required components and then return back to the board to complete the quest.

One great shortcut is if a very common material or item is required to complete the quest, you may be able to purchase it from the Trading Post for a fairly cheap price. By purchasing the item rather than spending the time to farm it yourself you’ll be able to turn in that Town Project even quicker.

#3 – Main Story Quest

Once you reach Level 12 or so, you’ll want to focus on the Main Story quest, at least until Level 25. This quest line is made up of many smaller quests which takes you into multiple zones to learn the game’s background story. Similar to Side Quests and some Town Projects, the Main Story quest line can  give you tons of experience and can be completed relatively quickly. The trick here is going to be to use a combination of fast travel shrines, inns and respawning to complete these quests as fast as possible.

There is actually a fast travel shrine right next to the prophet which will help you complete these quests faster. Keep in mind that fast traveling in New World is not free though. It does require a resource called Azoth, but most Main Story quests also give you a lot of Azoth as a reward. So the developers probably intended us to use fast travel quite a bit to complete these.

A great trick for this as well, especially if you are running low on Azoth is set up a camp nearby to the prophet, close to that fast travel shrine. That way when you’re out adventuring or completing his quests you can respawn here after the quest is complete. This is a huge help because while out in the world you can only fast travel if you are coming from another shrine or a town. The only type of instant travel you can do is actually a respawn which happens when you die, but also can be done manually through the game menu.

To respawn without dying just go into the main menu and choose the respawn option. Keep in mind that your gear will deteriorate faster this way so you’ll need to repair more often but the time you save by not having to run back and forth is definitely worth it and you will level up much faster thanks to the time you save.

#4 – Corrupted Breaches

Corrupted Breaches are world events that can be farmed easily with a group for quick experience gains. The recommended level for this activity is Level 25 and above. One reason for this is that players can only close a Corrupted Breach or Portal using an Azoth Staff which is obtained at Level 25. Enemies in a Corrupted Breach also hit quite hard and multiple enemies can easily swarm you if you’re not paying attention.

All enemies that spawn in at the Breach will offer decent experience and everyone who participates in closing a Corrupted Breach will also get bonus experience when the Breach is destroyed. To get started hunting Corrupted Breaches, look for the red icons shown below in your zone.

#5 – Expeditions

Expeditions are five-player instanced dungeons that will take players to the darkest corners of Aeternum. There, your party will face dire threats and earn plenty of experience in the process. Amrine Excavation is one such Expedition with a minimum level of 25 for entry.

More To Come!

This Wiki is still growing, and more information will be coming soon! Please come back soon!

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