New World Weapon Guide

Written By hacktheminotaur
New World currently has 11 different weapons across multiple weapon types such as One Handed Weapons, Two Handed Weapons, Ranged Weapons and Magical Weapons.

New World Weapon Types

The 11 Weapon Types in New World are:

New World Weapon Mastery

Each weapon in New World has its own set of skills and passives known as Weapon Mastery. Weapons can progress in Weapon Mastery from Level 1 up to Level 20 as you use them in combat and earn Weapon Experience points. Each weapon has two skill trees as part of their weapon mastery, with each tree including 3 primary skills as well as multiple upgrades and passives.

Since only 20 Weapon Mastery points are possible, characters cannot unlock every skill and passive in both weapon trees. Weapon Mastery points can be refunded for free below Weapon Level 10. At Level 10 and above, refunding your Weapon Mastery points costs Azoth.

Weapons in New World also gain improved effectiveness based on your character’s attribute point totals. For example, characters with a high dexterity will do more damage with weapons like Bows, Rapiers, and Spears.

The full list of Weapons and their Primary and Secondary Attributes can be found below.

Primary vs. Secondary Attributes In New World

Some Weapons in New World can be increased in effectiveness by using two Attributes: a Primary Attribute and Secondary Attribute.

Primary Attributes in New World are the best source of increasing a Weapon’s effectiveness. This means you will gain more damage per Attribute point invested.

Secondary Attributes in New World ALSO increase a Weapon’s effectiveness, but at a slower rate per Attribute point invested.

For example, investing into Dexterity while equipping a spear will generally increase your effectiveness by about 2 Weapon Damage per 1 Attribute Point spent. Investing in Strength will only increase your Spear effectiveness by an average of 1 Weapon Damage per 1 Attribute point.

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