New World Life Staff & Ice Gauntlet Healer: Frost Cleric

Written By hacktheminotaur
The Best Healer Build for Group Content in New World is HERE!

Build Introduction

The Frost Cleric Build is an ideal Healer for any type of group content in New World. This build excels at single-target healing as well as group healing and also packs a punch of Ice Damage, Crowd Control and Utility. Groups using this build are extremely effective at clearing content and any healer running this set up should have no trouble finding consistent groups in the game.

Best Attributes

The primary Attribute that you will want to max out on the Frost Cleric is the Focus Attribute. Focus is the Primary Healing Attribute in New World, which means the more Focus you have available, either through Attribute Points or Equipment, the stronger your healing abilities will become.

The next Attribute that is important to Healers is Constitution. In New World, Constitution increases your overall health as well as gives you some helpful passive bonuses such as increased healing from Potions. It’s recommened that you put some points into Constitution to start and eventually try to get over 50 Points to unlock that Potion passive. This will help greatly with your survival. Remember: a Dead Healer can’t Heal!

Some additional Intelligence on this build will be useful to increase the damage of our Ice-based Skills, but it’s not essential as the main reason to use those Ice abilities is for Crowd Control and Utility, not damage.

Armor Choices

Healers have many options in New World when it comes to Armor Weight and Equip Load. The three options for Armor Weight in New World are: Light, Medium or Heavy Armor. Pieces can be mixed and matched, but your total weight is also important because it places you into one of the previously mentioned categories with the following bonuses:

Light Equip Load

  • 20% Bonus Healing
  • 20% Bonus Damage
  • Farthest Dodge Distance: the Dodge Roll
  • Lowest Physical and Elemental Resistance

Medium Equip Load

  • 10% Bonus Healing
  • 10% Bonus Damage
  • 10% Bonus Crowd Control Duration
  • Medium Dodge Distance: the Dodge Hop
  • Medium Physical and Elemental Resistance

Heavy Equip Load

  • 15% Bonus Block Stability
  • 20% Bonus Crowd Control Duration
  • Shortest Dodge Distance: the Dodge Slide
  • Highest Physical and Elemental Resistance

As you can see, you will need to weigh the pros and cons of each Armor Equip Load Type in New World. For Beginners, I would recommend going for the Medium Equip Load as this will give you the best balance of Armor and Healing plus Damage.

For more experienced players that know how to avoid damage or if you regularly group with experienced tanks that do well at controlling enemies you may be able to use a Light Armor Equip Load for better healing and damage.

Finally, for PVP and end-game content you may consider moving into the Heavy Equip Load for the greater protection. This is more doable at later levels as your healing passives from the Life Staff Skill Tree will already buff your healing substantially by then, meaning you will be less dependent on armor weight buffs.

Armor Attributes

Remember, when looking for gear pieces for this build try to find those with a bonus to the Focus Attribute. Some pieces with Constitution will also be good.

A great Armor Set to be on the look out for as you level up this build will be the Armor Of The Cleric, which typically has both of these traits.

Primary Weapon

The Primary Weapon for the Frost Cleric build is the Life Staff. In New World, the Life Staff is the best weapon currently for Healers in the game. This weapon has a diverse set of skills which can buff your party, heal yourself and others and do damage. This weapon grows increasingly stronger with the right passives which are also listed further below.

Secondary Weapon

The Secondary Weapon for the Frost Cleric Build is going to be the Ice Gauntlet. This weapon is a fantastic choice for Support Builds and Healers in New World due to its many powerful crowd control and utility skills.

Life Staff Skills

The Life Staff Skills we’ve selected for this build are centered quick Burst heals as well as group and AOE Healing.

Click each skill name below to learn more about that skill and its upgrades.

Skill #1


Shoot out a light projectile that deals 146% weapon damage to enemies, attaches to it's target and heals all nearby allies for 20% weapon damage each second for 10s.

Costs 16.0 Mana.

Cooldown: 35.0

Weapon Tree: Protector

Tier II

Skill #2

Light's Embrace

Targeted heal for 100.0% weapon damage +30.0% more for each buff on that target.

Costs 18.0 Mana.

Cooldown: 4.0

Weapon Tree: Protector

Tier III

Skill #3

Splash Of Light

You and all group members within 100m are healed for 50.0% weapon damage.

Costs 15.0 Mana.

Cooldown: 15.0

Weapon Tree: Healing

Tier III

Ice Gauntlet Skills

The Ice Gauntlet skills we’ve selected for this build center around crowd control, damage and utility.

Click each skill name below to learn more about that skill and its upgrades.

Skill #1

Ice Pylon

A placed Ice Pylon that fires ice projectiles dealing 50% weapon damage at enemies within a 20 meter range for 15 seconds or until killed. Ice Pylon creates a 1 meter radius frost area that enables frost powers.

Costs 15.0 Mana.

Cooldown: 10.0

Weapon Tree: Builder

Tier I

Skill #2

Ice Storm

A ranged attack that deals 17% weapon damage every 0.25 seconds and slows enemies within a 5 meter radius frosted area. 25% slow, 20 meter range, and 5 second duration.

Costs 25 Mana.

Cooldown: 20.0

Weapon Tree: Ice Tempest

Tier II

Skill #3


Player can entomb themselves in ice to become invulnerable and greatly increase mana regen. The Ice Tomb has a lifetime of 10 seconds and can be destroyed. Players have two options to cancel Entomb, exit by pressing RMB or break out of the Ice Tomb by pressing LMB causing a damaging knockback for 20 mana.

Costs 10 Mana.

Cooldown: 30.0

Weapon Tree: Builder

Tier III

Combat Basics


The key to healing in New World is to apply Heal over Time and ground-based heals first to help top off your group’s health. For this you will want to use Beacon combined with Splash Of Light. Reserve Light’s Embrace for emergency healing and especially for your Tank as they will be taking the most damage. While these abilities are on cooldown you can also use your Life Staff Light Attack to heal allies for free using the Blissful Touch passive.

Damage and Crowd Control

If your group has control of the fight and your party members are relatively high health you can then switch over to the Ice Gauntlet and place down the Ice Pylon for extra damage. If multiple enemies are present you can also use Ice Storm at this time for the Slow effect and Area Of Effect damage.


If your Tank loses control of the fight or you get focused by a boss, this is the time to use Entombed. This skill greatly reduces your damage and increases your mana recovery.

Important Passives

Passive Skills in New World can be extremely powerful and add a lot of versatility to your build. Here are the best passives recommended for the Frost Cleric Build.

Life Staff

Ice Gauntlet

  • Frozen Touch
  • Defiant Freeze
  • Critical Rejuvenation
  • Energized Critical
  • Critical Frost



You’ll want to start this build off with a basic food option such as Light Rations. This helps with the leveling process as it passively regenerates your Health while the food buff is active. Eventually you will want to craft or purchase Mana Recovery food instead as this will help keep you from running out of Mana in group content.


For Potions, Weak Health Potions will be fine at first, but you will eventually want to upgrade these to Common Health Potions and Strong Health Potions. Also make sure to pick up a good supply of Mana Potions as these will be invaluable in longer fights to help sustain your mana pool.

Build Leveling Options

Early on in New World in can be challening to level up a Healer, especially if you don’t have a melee weapon to deal with enemies that rush up to you and deal damage or stagger. For this reason it’s very helpful to use a Melee weapon in combination with the Life Staff to have an easier time leveling up and doing quest content. My recommended weapon for this is the Spear, which offers many good options for both damage and crowd control and is an excellent pairing to most Magical Weapons.

In fact, a great early leveling build that can easily transition into Group Healing is The Templar, a Spear / Life Staff Solo build with great damage, survivability and healing. The video guide and written guide for The Templar are linked below.

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