New World Strength Attribute

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Strength in New World is one of the Primary Attributes for a successful Melee build. Strength also enhances basic attack damage, carrying capacity and the Mining Trade Skill.

Weapons That Use Strength In New World

Strength is the Primary Attribute for many Melee Weapons in New World and also a Secondary Attribute for some medium ranged Weapons.

Weapons that utilize Strength as an Attribute in New World are:


Primary vs. Secondary Attributes In New World

Some Weapons in New World can be increased in effectiveness by using two Attributes: a Primary Attribute and Secondary Attribute.

Primary Attributes in New World are the best source of increasing a Weapon’s effectiveness. This means you will gain more damage per Attribute point invested.

Secondary Attributes in New World ALSO increase a Weapon’s effectiveness, but at a slower rate per Attribute point invested.

For example, investing into Dexterity while equipping a spear will generally increase your effectiveness by about 2 Weapon Damage per 1 Attribute Point spent. Investing in Strength will only increase your Spear effectiveness by an average of 1 Weapon Damage per 1 Attribute point.

    Strength Attribute Milestones In New World

    For every 50 points obtained in an Attribute, players unlock Milestones or Perks related to that Attribute. These are passive bonuses that grant you some very valuable stats like increased Critical Chance, increased Mana regeneration, bonus Armor and much more. The full list of Attribute Milestones for Strength are found below.


    50 Points
    • +5% damage to melee weapon light attacks
    • +10% mining speed
    100 Points
    • +10% damage to melee weapon heavy attakcs
    • +20 encumbrance
    150 Points
    • +50% stamina damage from melee weapon light and heavy attacks
    • -10% decrease in weight of mined items
    200 Points
    • +10% damage on stunned, slowed, or rooted enemies
    • +10% mining speed
    250 Points
    • Stamina regen is faster while performing light and heavy attacks with a melee weapon
    • +10% yeild increase when mining
    300 Points
    • Light and heavy attacks with a melee weapon gain GRIT
    • 25% chance to mine ore with a single swing


    Attribute Gains From Other Sources

    You can gain additional Attribute Point bonuses with the help of armor, weapons, and trinkets.

    Diminishing Returns Of Attribute Points In New World

    There are diminishing returns on Attribute Point effectiveness starting at 100 points. You can go beyond this, but the higher your Attribute Points, the less effective power you will see in that stat.

    Other Attributes In New World

    When you first arrive in Aeternum, your Character will have 5 points in each of the core attributes and you cannot drop below that 5-point minimum. Each time your Character levels up, you are granted Attribute Points to spend on whichever Attribute(s) you choose.

    The five Core Attributes in New World are:

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